Article in “KALIBAR” 2007/8 (Serbia)


By the famous Greek company DPM of Athens, these days have been presented in our market and we had the chance to test, two systems of firearms´ recoil reduction.

First is the classical mechanical, with the already known system of utilization of multiple springs, set one inside the other, but there is also a third spring (free of pressure) inside the telescopic rod, by which the slide is delayed in the end of its regression, upon firing.

Even by using only this system the big recoil is reduced, the bounce of the barrel´ s muzzle is partly decreased and the life of pistol is extended. This mechanic system is offered for the moment for the most known pistols internationally: Sig-Sauer, Glock, Czech CZ, Walter, STI, but also for the domestic Zastava CZ99, therefore it constitutes also a pleasant surprise.

The second offered system, called magnetomechanical (magnetic-mechanic), is even more unconventional and more uncommon and it is constituted by the application of the pre-mentioned reducer (mechanical system), in combination with a plastic base, which is placed on the accessory rails (Picatinni) instead of lens or laser and on which base is placed a powerful magnet.

Mission of the magnet is to decelerate, by the magnetic attraction, partly the slide at initial moment of regression, which also and in proportional degree, depreciates the caused recoil and the bounce of pistol.

The magnetomechanical system is produced for the moment only for the Czech CZ pistols and for the GLOCK (for these models that have incorporated accessory rails (Picatinni)).

By the application of this system, the manufacturer guarantees the drastic reduction of recoil and muzzle’s bounce, but also at the action, these new systems seem to be more effective, than those that we have seen until now.

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