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Return Policy and Change

Cancellation of order prior to delivery (right of withdrawal before delivery) The customer has the right to cancel his order that is to cancel the transaction before shipment/mailing of the purchased products. In this case, the client sends a statement to the cancellation by e-mail to DPM SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES LTD or calls us on +302109617153. DPM SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES LTD will accept cancellation and refund of the purchase price by crediting the customer’s credit card only if the (purchased) products are not delivered to ΕLTA (Hellenic Post Office) for delivery to the Customer. If the order has already been delivered to ΕLTA (Hellenic Post Office), the cancellation will be considered return of products by the following terms.

Change the product after delivery

If the customer is not satisfied with the purchase made, he has the right to request a change of purchased product. In this case, the customer can send e-mail to DPM SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES LTD in the above mentioned email address, or by calling +302109617153 requesting to change the product with another product of his own choice.

If the new product chosen by the customer is of higher value than the returned product, then the customer will be notified electronically by an e-mail, to open a new procedure for payment (to pay the difference). An e-mail containing a link to the website for payment of this product will be sent, through which the Customer will fill out all the necessary details of payments under the conditions below.

Shipping Products back after delivery (right of withdrawal after delivery) If the customer is not satisfied with the purchase made, a further right to return the bought product and to reclaim the fee paid as provided by the Greek legislation of consumer protection (the right to withdraw from the transaction made). In this case, the customer sends an e-mail message to DPM SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES LTD to the email address noted above or calls us at +302109617153, requesting to return the product and a refund of the price paid, minus the shipping cost and additionally 20% of the product value for shipping & handling expenses, Bank fees etc.

Deadline for changing or returning goods

Any request for change or refund of a product must be sent within 15 complete days after receiving the product. Requests for change or return of products after a period of 15 complete days will only be accepted for defective products in accordance with Greek law, under the provisions applicable to sales contracts.

Right to change or return

Both the right to change and the right to return a product (right to withdraw from the sale) is applicable on the entire product purchased and cannot be exercised only on a partial product or part of the purchase (eg accessories for the product).

Condition of returned products

The request for a refund or change of a product will not be accepted if it is shown that the product is used and will be returned to the customer. Mailing/shipping costs in this case will be charged to the customer. Products must be returned (for rebates or change) in their original condition, complete and undamaged and in their original packaging (including all accessories, manuals, etc.). They must not have been use or altered and the labels must remain on the product. Products must be in their original packaging.

Refund exceptions

DPM Systems Technologies LTD will not refund orders in cases where disputes regarding deliveries have been resolved with proof of delivery (such as photos of the delivered package, consignee's signature, adult signature, etc.) at the consignee's provided shipping address. 


The customer bears the full cost of shipping when sending a product back or changing it for another. The customer must always send an email message to DPM SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES LTD to the email address noted above  or call us on at +302109617153, stating their wish to return or change the product. For any product returned or changed, the Customer must include a copy of proof of original purchase.

Cost of delivery for changed goods

For products for which there is a request of change, the customer will be charged the cost of the second shipping cost of delivery of the new product requested after the change. Conditions for returning goods

Failure to comply with any of these conditions, DPM SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES LTD is entitled to either (a) consider that the right to a change or refund a product is not exercisable and therefore bears the right not to accept the product or (b) especially in the case in which products are not returned intact, or products which have been used the company has the right to accept the changed or returned item and simultaneously claim compensation from the customer for the value of the returned product. Rebates

Once DPM SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES LTD receives a request for refund or product change will credit the customer’s credit card with the amount, provided that the above conditions are observed. To process any request 7 working days are usually required. The customer will be notified once the request has been fully processed and the refund/change applied. In the case referred above that DPM SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES LTD is entitled to compensation for defects of returned products, we will be entitled to offset the amount of compensation with the refund price. 

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