Article in “Cibles” (France)

Article in “Cibles” issue of November 2005

Still unknown in the rest of Europe, the Greek constructor of accessories for guns proposes a brilliant system for the recoil reduction. The system is constituted of a guide rod with various concentric springs having each one a different point of compaction and rigidity. This mechanical system allows the progressive movement of the slide so as it better absorbs the recoil. On that we add the internationally deposited magnetomechanical system of base that fits on the accessory rails of Glock pistols and boosts the reduction of recoil in collaboration with the guide rod. The result, therefore, is that the recoil is perfectly absorbed allowing the operation, but the slide is not striking on the body of the gun, offering moreover faster regression of the slide at its initial position, that is to say offering fastest reload, disappearing any bumps of the gun. This system allocates also the rails that allow us to use all the usual and useful accessories without any transformations, while the front part can be used for close point-blank defence or for the opening a door but the slide does not open.

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