DPM MS for Staccato P 4.4″ Bull Barrel – 6 Adustable user settings

This DPM Mechanical Reduction System is a direct replacement for the stock recoil rod and does not change the configuration of the pistol. As always, DPM products are designed and developed with user’s safety as a priority. Exceptional manufacturing and engineering using high-end materials.

6 Adustable user settings.

*B.O.S.S: Black Oxide Stainless Steel  its an innovative coating technology applied usualy on the visible parts of the recoil system.



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DPM MS for Staccato P 4.4″ Bull Barrel – 9mm – 6 Adustable user settings

This DPM Mechanical system works due to the multi-spring intricate rod (three springs) and controls the functionality of the pistol. The third spring which is contained within the rod controls the movement of the slide so it never rams on the frame.

The system includes 1 Bushing, 1 Washer and 3 different in length and strength external springs.

The Bushing must always be installed when the DPM Recoil Rod and springs are used.

The external springs are different in length, the long spring is heavy and the short is light so the shooter can fine tune the pistol on the opening and locking positions (slide on the battery) according to his/hers personal standards.

The metallic washer is not mandatory to be used, it is designed to offer additional optional recoil reduction choices.

Power Rates

Slide on the battery (idle position)

Short: 5 Lbs   With the Washer: 5.5lbs

Medium: 5.7 Lbs  With the Washer: 6.2lbs

Long: 6.2 Lbs  With the Washer: 6.6lbs

Total Force

Slide full open position :

14.3 lbs (approx.)  With the Washer: 18lbs (approx.)




Overall Advantages

  • Faster follow up shots
  • Improved firing speed
  • Slide and Frame Protection
  • Elimination of jams
  • Significant recoil reduction
  • Better double-tap concentration
  • Better control and greater accuracy

General Instructions & Forces Data

Made in Hellas – EU.

Milions of our patented products are in service to military and law enforcement pistols and sports shooter’s pistols around the world.

Lifetime Warranty for unlimited usage rounds