Dear Mr. Mantas

Since 30 years I have been using the caliber 45 with success. My sport successes were shot with Springfield weapons and they are:

9 times Austrian champion
1 time European Champion in IPSC
2 times European Champion Bianchi Cup
Second Place World Champion Ship Team in IPSC
5 times Winner of European Steel Challenge

Nowadays my favourite pistol is the Glock 21, caliber 45 ACP. I used the DPM Magnetomechanical system in my Glock 21 and I saw the advantages of this system. With the Magnetomechanical system installed it is possible to shoot better times then prior with this pistol. The backstroke of the weapon is less, the weapon is more “quiet” in the hand and therefore it’s possible to shoot faster. Of course therefore the resulted time is also better (more hits).

The next European Steel Challenge is placed on 16. 17. June 2006. There is also one class especially for police officers and executives. I would very appreciate if you would have time and would visit us on the next European Steel Challenge.

With the best regards

Peter-Paul Ploner
Obmann der Dolomiten-Sportschutzen/ Match director
(Director of the Dolomites-Sportshooters/ Match director)

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